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My first Kingfisher pictures

From the aggressive Cormorants and the Little Egrets on to the third set of pictures from my visit to Titchfield Haven and a much smaller bird, the Kingfisher. While I’ve seen Kingfishers a number of times at the Kennet and Avon Canal near where I live, it was always during my morning runs/walks, so I never had a good enough camera with me. This time I obviously had my camera with the big telephoto lens. Unfortunately the Kingfishers I saw were fairly far away, making it difficult even with the big lens. Still, at least I managed to get something. The first two are from the Pumfrett Hide, where a Kingfisher sat on a pole before flying off to go fishing. The last three are from the Suffern Hide, where a Kingfisher first sat in the reeds before moving over to a dead tree overhanging the water.

Click on the pictures for the larger versions and my comments.

Little Egret at Titchfield Haven

Following on from the Cormorants having a disagreement the second set of pictures from my visit to Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve over the bank holiday weekend. This time a Little Egret, walking around and enjoying a meal of a fish. This might be the same bird or two birds, as there was a pair and with all the pictures I took I kind of lost track.

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Disagreeing Cormorants

On the Sunday of the August 2017 bank holiday weekend I decided to drive down to the coast and following a recommendation by a colleague visit Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve. From the various hides I spotted and photographed a number of birds, I’ll post various sets over the coming days. I’ll start with two Cormorants who had a bit of a disagreement if one could land next to another:

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Cat on the towpath

As you probably know the internet was invented to share cat pictures on blogs and social media. During today’s Sunday morning walk (with a mixture of sunshine and clouds) I came across this cat. It was quite friendly and photogenic, so I took a few pictures which I’m now sharing here:

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Steam train 60009 Union of South Africa passing Aldermaston

At varying intervals steam trains travel on the line past Aldermaston Wharf, passing through Aldermaston Station. Last weekend a steam train came through which I missed, luckily it returned this weekend for another pass. This time I was ready with my camera to take pictures of the 60009 Union of South Africa, here’s a selection of my favourite views:

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