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Black-Tailed Godwits at Titchfield Haven

Finally get around posting another set from my visit to Titchfield Haven over a month ago. So far we had Cormorants, Little Egrets and Kingfishers. Today another wader, the Black-Tailed Godwit. There were quite a few at the reserve, these were feeding quite close to the hide:

As usual click on the pictures for the larger versions.

My first Kingfisher pictures

From the aggressive Cormorants and the Little Egrets on to the third set of pictures from my visit to Titchfield Haven and a much smaller bird, the Kingfisher. While I’ve seen Kingfishers a number of times at the Kennet and Avon Canal near where I live, it was always during my morning runs/walks, so I never had a good enough camera with me. This time I obviously had my camera with the big telephoto lens. Unfortunately the Kingfishers I saw were fairly far away, making it difficult even with the big lens. Still, at least I managed to get something. The first two are from the Pumfrett Hide, where a Kingfisher sat on a pole before flying off to go fishing. The last three are from the Suffern Hide, where a Kingfisher first sat in the reeds before moving over to a dead tree overhanging the water.

Click on the pictures for the larger versions and my comments.

Little Egret at Titchfield Haven

Following on from the Cormorants having a disagreement the second set of pictures from my visit to Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve over the bank holiday weekend. This time a Little Egret, walking around and enjoying a meal of a fish. This might be the same bird or two birds, as there was a pair and with all the pictures I took I kind of lost track.

Click on the pictures for the larger versions and my descriptions.

Disagreeing Cormorants

On the Sunday of the August 2017 bank holiday weekend I decided to drive down to the coast and following a recommendation by a colleague visit Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve. From the various hides I spotted and photographed a number of birds, I’ll post various sets over the coming days. I’ll start with two Cormorants who had a bit of a disagreement if one could land next to another:

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Sunny August Sunday morning walk in West Berkshire

As I’m writing this it’s cloudy in West Berkshire, quite please that I went out for a sunny Sunday morning earlier today in the morning. I used a route I found last weekend, taking me north from Aldermaston to the outskirts of Beenham. Then turned west passing north of Douai Abbey to Kiff Green. Here I turned south and walked to Upper Woolhampton, from where I continued to Woolhampton. In Woolhampton I crossed the Kennet and Avon Canal, which I then followed along the towpath east back to Aldermaston Wharf. I saw a variety of things, here are some of them in a picture gallery (click on the pictures for the larger versions):

The map used for this walk was:

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