Imke’s and Armin’s day out at Hengistbury Head, Dorset

After a few long years where we didn’t see each other in person mainly due to Covid but also a few other reasons my sister Imke visited me in West Berkshire for the August bank holiday weekend. On the Sunday we decided to drive down to the coast and visit Hengistbury Head for the day. We enjoyed some nice walking with some great views in particular to The Needles at the Isle of Wight. Take a look at the gallery with some of our favourite memories (and even some pictures of us):

We had lunch at Beach House Mudeford (pricey but nice pizzas enjoyed on the beach) and tea at the Hiker Cafe (Burger and chips). We had to be careful that the Starlings didn’t steal our chips, they are quite aggressive and fearless (please do not feed them!).

The Gaslight Anthem are back…

It’s been quite a while since their last album and at times I was wondering if their indefinite hiatus would ever end. Well, they got back together a short while ago and now their first new single is out. With a little help from The Boss.

The Gaslight Anthem – History Books (ft. Bruce Springsteen) – Official Video

The album will be released at the end of October, I guess there will be one or two more singles from the album until then to bridge us over.

Good to hear they’re back.

40 years ago today, Big Country’s The Crossing

Do I feel old now? Yes and no. After all age is just a number. Still, earlier today I spotted that one of the defining albums of my youth is 40 years old today. Yes, Big Country’s The Crossing was released 40 years ago. So let’s look back to some of my favourite songs from it, as far as I’m concerned still sounding fresh today. One of the first singles:

Big Country – Fields Of Fire (Music Video HQ)

And the same again, but live:

Big Country Glasgow Barrowlands Fields Of Fire

Of course there’s In A Big Country, the opener:

Big Country – In A Big Country

Moving on to Chance:

Big Country Chance – official video

And my last pick for this post, Porrohman:

Big Country – Porrohman (The Tube 17.2.1984)

Oh, and to get back to the intro of this post: Many people apparently stop discovering new music after a certain age and only listen to the music from their youth. I do both, I still listen to some bands from my youth (hence this post) while also discovering new bands with members sometimes barely half the age of the older albums I still listen to. That’s how I firmly believe it should be: Treasure the great classics while being open to new discoveries.

Two “Shorts” about practice and preparation I quite liked recently

Some people like him, others find him really annoying. Either way, I felt in these two clips Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes some good points about practice and preparation and their importance to success and making something look easy. Both are closely related, let’s start with this one more focused on practice:

The Disrespectful “Secret” Question Neil DeGrasse Tyson The Diary Of A CEO Podcast

Now move on to this one, more focused on how important preparation is to make something look natural:

The Jon Stewart Interview Experience Neil DeGrasse Tyson The Diary Of A CEO Podcast

Do you agree? Or do you think there is a “secret” people just don’t want to tell you?

Music for this Friday evening: The Big Moon, Live

OK, not just for this Friday evening, but for any evening really. First watched it / listened to it a few days ago and I’m certain I will watch and listen to is many times again. An absolutely stunning performance by The Big Moon with three songs from their latest album “Here Is Everything”:

The Big Moon – The Big Moon: Live

I hope they do more like that. While I think their videos to the studio recordings are among the best if not the best this might be even better.

Nothing but the truth…