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The Bennie Railplane of Milngavie near Glasgow, Scotland

The things you find when browsing the interweb on a Sunday morning. Via a post on vowe dot net about the Google Arts & Culture app I found the Google Arts & Culture site, where in turn I came across this picture of a Railplane trial line near Glasgow. I was intrigued.

A quick search helped me to find out this was the Bennie Railplane. It of course reminds a bit of the famous Wuppertal Schwebebahn. While sadly it wasn’t a success and almost nothing physical remains of it today there are at least three videos of it in action, first from the National Library of Scotland:

Second a short video on British Pathé:

Third a longer documentary also on British Pathé:

A few links to further information:

Certainly a very interesting invention, must have looked very futuristic back in the 1930s. Well, it wasn’t meant to be.

Better get the thermals out for summer 2016…

Oh dear, this doesn’t look good for this summer. My favourite weather forecaster journalist Nathan Rao is predicting the hottest summer ever (ok, for 40 years):

90 DAYS OF SUNSHINE: Britain set for hottest summer in 40 YEARS as the mercury rockets

That’s from the same guy who late last year predicted Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK. We all know what happened with that. One of the mildest winters ever…