A November Rose

A bit of an unexpected nice surprise during my recovery from heart surgery. I’m not entirely sure when I first noticed them, it was either just before I left for the hospital or the day I returned from the hospital with my sister. Anyway, back then the flowers were still closed and considering it was the start or even middle of October I didn’t really expect them to flower. Especially after a few night frosts in late October and early November I thought they would fade away. But they didn’t:

In mid November three of the five rose buds opened and started to flower, a nice view especially on the often grey and dull days. Cheered me up when I had a bad day during my recovery. Today is a nice and sunny day, so I thought I try to take a few pictures of them to share the joy.

19 thoughts on “A November Rose”

  1. Wouldn’t have lasted long in west/ central Scotland Armin . We have been in the minus temperatures for over a week now and down to -10 last night although it is to rise over the weekend !

  2. I’ve seen all the wonderful pictures of the clear and sunny days, although of course cold. It’s been mostly cloudy and around 5-10 the last few days down here. I believe we’re due some sunshine (and with it frost) next week. Looks like we might be exchanging the weather 😉

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