First canal walk after heart surgery

Following recent heart surgery (more about that some other time) I returned home from hospital on Saturday. To aid with my recovery I was told to walk regularly aiming for at least 1000 m per day during the first week. Living right at the Kennet and Avon Canal walking along the towpath was the obvious option. Today my sister and I walked from my flat near lock number 95, Aldermaston Lock, to lock number 96, Padworth Middle Lock, a distance of approximately 630 m one way. At the lock my sister was so kind to take a few pictures of me:

It was a very nice walk which I managed to complete without any major problems. On the way back we stopped at the very nice Aldermaston tea rooms for a cup of tea and some triple chocolate muffins.

128 thoughts on “First canal walk after heart surgery”

  1. Funnily enough they told me we don’t really care what you eat initially, as long as you eat (apparently a lot of people lose their appetite and some even their sense of taste temporarily). Also in my case it isn’t coronary, but the valve, my arteries are fine.

  2. Indeed, although I ended up timing myself and logging to make sure I wasn’t pushing myself too hard during my (somewhat different) rehab. It was hard to beat the competitive runner part out of my personality, but I’ve managed!
    Glad to see you out and on the mend. Take care!


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