Swans and Starlings at Otmoor, Oxfordshire

Had a very nice afternoon out at the RSPB Otmoor reserve. While I saw a large variety of birds (more of them in another entry later) the main reason I went today was the impressive Starling roost with their amazing murmurations. Two Swans decided to photobomb the show as well:

(Click on the pictures for much bigger versions)

10 thoughts on “Swans and Starlings at Otmoor, Oxfordshire”

  1. Having seen loads of Murmurations on TV , i had the pleasure of seeing one in real life the other night on my way back from work , it was just west of the Metrocentre , bottom of Swalwell i think , absolutely beautiful and mesmurising…….

  2. Following on from yesterday’s Swans and Starlings at Otmoor pictures today a few more pictures from some of the other birds I saw at RSPB Otmoor. The star of the show was probably the Marsh Harrier, a first for me:

    Marsh Harrier at Otmoor (1)

    Marsh Harrier at Otmoor (2)

    Marsh Harrier at Otmoor (3)

    Pintail (and Teal) at Otmoor

    Kestrel at Otmoor

    Goldfinch at Otmoor

    Wigeons at Otmoor

    (Click on the pictures for much bigger versions)
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